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Nissan’s leadership position in electric vehicles means we’re making the unique driving dynamics of a Nissan even more exciting. Electrified powertrains such as e-POWER, battery EV, and the upcoming all-new ARIYA crossover are bringing clean, quiet, powerful driving to more and more people worldwide. 

Video of Ariya autonomous driving

Smooth Power

e-4ORCE propels the vehicle up to speed with remarkable force and poise. In ARIYA, the EV platform is optimised to suppress vibrations and noise from entering the cabin, resulting in an unparallelled smooth, quiet experience.

Comfort For All

The dual front and rear motors of e-4ORCE work in unison to balance the push-pull forces of deceleration. The result is a feeling like floating on air and an extremely comfortable ride for everyone on board. 


With 50/50 weight distribution and the ability to fine-tune braking and acceleration to each of the four wheels, e-4ORCE gives drivers the feeling of unprecedented, unconditional control. 

Man driving Nissan LEAF
0:54 New car technology : New LEAF with e-Pedal


Behind the wheel of LEAF and the all-new ARIYA, e-Pedal gives you control – and excitement – like never before. It’s an easier way to drive, allowing you to accelerate and decelerate with a single, seamless movement. Simply release the accelerator for automatic regenerative braking and depress again for acceleration. And if you’re having too much fun or need a more immediate stop, you can always switch to the familiar brake pedal.